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Created by dental technicians, for dental technicians..

All Tanaka Dental products were designed by Dr. Asami Tanaka to maximize the quality and productivity for himself and other dental technicians alike.

Everything has been tested and proven in his own laboratory to ensure that it brings immense value, and we are certain that it will do the same for you!

Tanaka Zirconia Products is our collection of original products which were designed specifically for the Total Zirconia System which brings simplicity, efficiency, and quality to zirconia restoration.

TANAKA Multi5 Zirconia Disk
  • Translucent enamel;
  • Life-like 5-layer gradation;
  • A1; A2; A3; A3,5 colors;
  • 1100 Mpa;
  • According to strength – suitable for full arch restorations.

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Aidite is the most advanced dental zirconia manufacturer in china ,company develop the 3D multilayer first in the world, 3D multilayer is the next generation zirconia blanks. We are proud of our possibility to offer you high-end zirconium blanks. With Aidite zirconia blanks you are able to fulfill all your needs and wants for any kind of restauration.

 3D Multilayer zirconia
  • Multilayered not only with color, but also with strengh 650-900 Mpa. This advantage lets you feel safe with restaurations on implants.
  • Huge color range;
  • Stable internal structure;
  • The translucency changes from 57% at incisal, which guarantees a superior aesthetic level, up to 43% at cervical, which can cover the color of the abutment.
  • No need to inner stain.

SHT Multilayer zirconia
  • Huge color range;
  • Stable internal structure;
  • 900 Mpa;
  • Super Translucent Multi-Layered.

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